Organic Farm Vang Vieng

Natural Mud House

Adding to OFVV’s charm are our natural mud house, designed by volunteers & built in collaboration with local labors. These bungalows, antiquated as they may seem, offer many advantages over traditional wooden housing as well as over modern concrete construction: they ease the burden on Laos’ quickly depleting forests; they can be built from all local materials without any heavy machinery; naturally cool in the summer & warm in the winter; they require little electricity-based temperature control; and, it’s possible to build works of art directly into the walls.

We built these bungalows both as places to house our guests and as a teaching tool to demonstrate to Lao villagers and citizens a viable eco-friendly alternatives to urban development . We hope you’ll try staying in one – and perhaps even find them a source of inspiration for your own home design!

Mud House 1 Double room (for 2 person)
























Mud house 2 ( for 5 people)


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IMG20160805115122 IMG20160805115700










Mud house 3 (For  3 people )












IMG20160804162634 IMG20160804162855