Organic Farm Vang Vieng

Group Dining Offer


Special meal offers for groups


Set 1
  1. Goat cheese plate with baguette                               40.000 kip
  2. Chicken Kebob                                                          35.000 kip
  3. Stir fried seasonal greens with Lao style                   25.000 kip
  4. Creamy pumpkin soup                                              25.000 kip
  5. Seasonal fresh fruit plate                                          15.000 kip
  6. Mulberry tea or water (350 ml)                                   5.000 kip

Total:                                                                               145.000 kip
Special Group Price Per Person :                                  100.000 kip

Set 2
  1. Fried (Chicken, Pork, Fish)                                      40.000 kip
  2. Lao garden salad                                                     25.000 kip
  3. Fresh vegetable soup                                              20.000 kip
  4. Seasonal fresh fruit plate                                         15.000 kip
  5. Small goat cheese and baguette                             13.000 kip
  6. Mulberry tea or water (350 ml)                                  5.000 kip

Total :                                                                            
118.000 kip
Special Group Price Per Person :                                  80.000 kip


Complimentary organic farm entry

Feel free to explore the organic farm, we have signs all around our farm and traditional mud houses, so you can take a stroll before or after your meal.

Group volunteering

Big groups are very welcome. We offer group farm stay accommodation for 05 – 50 volunteers, including 3 daily meals in our organic restaurant, for $27/person per day. Please contact us in advance for more information or to book. CONTACT US

Note: Breakfast $ 5.5/person, Lunch and Dinner $ 7.5/person.