Organic Farm Vang Vieng

EEFA Projects



You can help teach English with EEFA at the Youth Center & Community Center. To find out more about teaching English & related projects, contact our EEFA office directly at

*Ideally, we would like you to stay for at least 7 days to be able to really get involved and make an impact.

Part of the earnings from the Farm are used to provide training, employment, support & education to the local villagers through various projects. For example: EEFA – Equal Education For All.

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There are plenty of other things that you can do at the Farm. Don’t look at it as work but as a rare opportuniteachingty to learn more. You can find links to some of our projects(e.g.mud houses) & the various activities that happen on a regular basis. With each season there are different things & new projects that need to be done. So show up & let us know that you want to work at our beautiful farm. Plant trees, make mulberry tea, tend the vegetable garden, feed & milk the goats, construct or decorate a mud house, teach English, etc.

Note: Volunteers have to pay for accommodation & food, but we offer free drinks made from the Organic Farm.

If you would like to do your part for the farm & the Lao community, please contact us via email at or see other contact details under CONTACT US.

Khop Chai Rai Rai!

(Thank you very much!)